Encouragement Now Counseling exists to impart the joy and peace of God into a desperate world that senses its need for help but doesn’t always understand how to find it. We want to attract people to God in positive and healthy ways by employing various integrative and holistic strategies that will help people with their mental health issues.

Our motto is, “Loving People Home” because no matter what circumstances people find themselves in, we want to point people to the joy, happiness, and love that radiates from our ultimate Home which is in God. 

Encouragement Now Counseling understands that people struggle with maintaining a good balance and dealing with life’s challenges. People can easily get swamped with responsibilities and neglect quality time with God, themselves, and their families. When you feel helpless, know that there is help for you. We have faced similar challenges and we have the skills and tools to help you through anything you are going through.

*All counselors are trained in Biblical counseling, human psychology, & spiritual cognitive neuroscience. 

ENC Offers: Free Triune, God-Centered Counseling

Telemental Health: FaceTime | Zoom | Skype | Phone

ENC Acknowledgement: God instructs us to become new people by renewing our minds. This renewed mindset is the key to overcoming our mental health issues.

Types of Counseling:

Deliverance Counseling
Pastoral/Professional Counseling
Family Counseling
Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Theory
Relationship Counseling
Spiritual/Emotional Counseling
Substance Abuse Counseling 
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Career Counseling

Our Specialties:​

Marriage & Family Challenges/Conflicts
Biblical Deliverance/Cognitive Restructuring
PTSD/Trauma/Mood disorders
Music Therapy
Grief/Loss/Divorce ​
Addictions & Substance Abuse
Physical/Sexual/Mental/Emotional Abuse

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