During Encouragement Now’s Peer Specialist Training, you will learn to help people through mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges using integrative mental health practices cultivated through 20 years of
counseling experience.

Kevin J. Phillips MA, LPC, BA Theology

Course Design:
ENM’s Peer Specialist Training is a stand-alone unit that can be the first step toward ENCI’s Certified Christian Counseling Certification credentials.

Snapshot of Course Subjects:
1) Scriptural Precedents & Disciplines for Counselors
2) Spiritual Warfare
3) Review of Therapeutic vs. Biblical Orientations
4) Do & Don’ts of Counseling
5) Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment
6) Case Studies & Diagnosis
7) Pharmacological Interventions
8) Psychodiagnostics

How to Join:

To secure this course, please make your $300 payment below by selecting the “Peer Specialist Training” option in the dropdown menu, or by making a payment with Paypal. Once your payment has been processed you will be emailed the course access information.

Start learning the fundamentals of providing biblically based mental health counseling to friends, loved ones, family members, and significant others today!