What Makes Us Different?

We Provide Counseling Services for FREE

Encouragement Now Counseling (or ENC) utilizes licensed professional counselors and qualified counselor volunteers who love people and want to help them find hope, peace, and long-lasting freedom from mental, physical, and spiritual issues that they may be facing or struggling with.

ENC integrates an approach that utilizes Biblically-based theology, holistic psychology, and medical sciences.

ENC also utilizes Dr. Caroline Leaf’s resources, podcasts, materials, and approaches to help our clients clean up their “mental mess”. 

* Encouragement Now Ministries or Encouragement Now Counseling is not affiliated with Dr. Leaf’s organization nor does her organization endorse Encouragement Now Ministries or Encouragement Now Counseling. For more information on Dr. Leaf’s work please visit: drleaf.com

We also fund our counseling services & expenses with the help of our generous donors. Please visit our Donate Page if you are interested in supporting this important Ministry.

Christian Counseling is for You

God Still Cares

Although you may feel overwhelmed, burned out, stressed, fatigued, mistreated, or cheated, which is causing you to seek help; God still cares about you and wants to be there for you no matter what you may be facing. 
God gave everything up to have a relationship with you and He wants to help you know His love! God also gave people (like good friends or counselors) the knowledge, wisdom, and love that is needed to help you. 
We understand that everyone needs to know that they are not alone and that they are worthy of help and love.

Become New & Beautiful

Sometimes through hardships or dealing with the ugliness in the world, we can feel like we have lost some of our value or shine. 
It can feel like we have become something tarnished and only worthy of shame but God doesn’t see you as someone unworthy or too broken, He wants to restore the beauty that the world has stolen from you. 

Jesus can make everything new through His love, restoration, grace & mercy, all He asks is for you to seek Him and He will always make a way for you to find the help you need.

Even Leaders Need Help

People think a leader always has it together, but most people don’t realize that it is one of the toughest jobs out there! 
Many leaders are lonely, unclear about their call, and often don’t want to preach or prepare messages because they have become burdened with a weight that God never wanted them to carry. Some also have no one to talk to, and often feel isolated, criticized, slandered & discouraged. But God created us to be a family that builds each other up. 
We understand that leadership can be a heavy responsibility and we are here to help!