With the addition of the Peer Specialist Training, you will have an opportunity to complete a Certified Christian Counselor course. This course is for people who are called to help people through mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges using integrative mental health practices cultivated through 20 years of
counseling experience.

Kevin J. Phillips MA, LPC, BA Theology

Course Design:
ENM’s Peer Specialist Training the first step toward ENCI’s Certified Christian Counseling Certification credentials.

Snapshot of Course Subjects:
1) Peer Specialist Training
2) Trauma Reboot
3) Either Reboot Advance or Reboot Leadership
4) Dr Leaf Neuro Cycle
5) Electives in a Field(s) of Student Choice – 80 credit hours
6) Pharmacologically/Medicine Cheat Sheet Class/Training
7) Psychodiagnostics class – learning how to diagnose people
8) Practicum – sitting in on counseling with me while I’m counseling clients
9) ENM Internship – I assign clients to students and watch them give therapy for 6-8 sessions over 8 weeks
10) External Internship Site – site of speciality(ies) – Examples; pregnancy centers, Suicide Hotline, Women’s Shelter, Peer Counseling in church, etc.

How to Join:

To secure this course, please click on this link Certified Christian Counselor and fill out the information. You will be contacted and interviewed before proceeding. The total cost of the Certification is $2600. There is an $800 discount if you volunteer for ENM for a minimum 3-4 hours per week for 12 months.

Start learning the fundamentals of providing biblically based mental health counseling to friends, loved ones, family members, and significant others today!