Encouragement Now Counseling Institute trains students to effectively and efficiently impart Christian counseling and help communities find healing. ENCI is interested in finding those who are called to help people find God’s hope through emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing and recovery.

ENCI provides Biblically-based therapeutic training for those interested in working in the counseling field by utilizing an integrative mental health approach that incorporates theology, holistic psychology, and the medical sciences. Courses take place online by trained professionals who specialize in psychological or theological fields.​


Certificate in Peer Specialist Counseling

Certification in Christian Counseling

Application Process

ENCI started its Certificate Peer Specialist Training Program in March 2023. 

If you’re interested in our next training or applying to ENCI, please fill out our Application Form below, and we will contact you. 

Feature available to students in 2024:

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