Anger Is Not Necessarily Bad

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I also wanted you to know that anger can also be a good thing. Anger has led groups to advocate for the unfairly treated, for the marginalized individuals of society. Anger has corrected great injustices and inequalities. Healthy anger has led to good laws being passed to protect and safeguard. Anger has led to good and fair systems and processes being created and implemented. So maybe our anger is trying to move us to settle something in our hearts and minds and not to be satisfied with the wrongs that we have encountered along the way. So don’t just move to eradicate or ignore or suppress your anger prematurely if it’s trying to tell you something. Seek to understand it! Perhaps seek to change and modify it so that your anger is acceptable. Maybe even let it shape your approach to certain issues and situations but by all means learn to manage your anger instead of your anger managing you or better said “unmanaging you” and leading you to who knows where.

Another principle about anger is that it needs to be short lived so that it doesn’t build into a greater cancer; a bitterness that destroys the rest of our sanity and future. Go immediately to the person or organization you’re angry with and express your anger in a calm, polite but firm, mature, matter-of-fact way. If you can’t do this without losing “your cool” then take someone with you who can keep you calm and/or write a 24-hour Memo as I call it. Simply put a 24-hour Memo is writing a note to the person you’re angry with and expressing your anger in exacting detail, every bit of it and then putting the 24-hour Memo in a drawer and taking it back out in 24 hours or so and rereading it to see if you feel the same way. If you change your 24-hour, add to it, delete from it, etc., then reread it and put it back in the drawer for another 24 hours, then reread it again. If after doing this 24 hour process a couple times you feel the same way then rewrite it to make it neat and send it to the recipient you’re angry at. You’ll probably find that this 24-hour Memo is therapeutic and helps you get the frustration off your chest directed towards the person who needs to hear it. Don’t give up on your anger unless it doesn’t serve you or others well.