Soldiers Hope

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Written by Kevin J. Phillips
Founder of Encouragement Now Ministries

“Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”

~ Helen Keller


Amid a vast forest, a battle was going on between two armies. One army was outnumbered, but the General of the smaller army decided to launch an attack because he was confident they could win the battle. 

He called his Lieutenant and told him to get their soldiers to prepare for a fight. The Lieutenant informed the soldiers about their plan of attack on the enemy army. The soldiers were ready to battle but had fears and doubts as they knew they were low in numbers compared to the enemy army. 

The day for battle came, and the General knew about the doubts of his soldiers, so when they were on the way to the battlefield, the General told all his soldiers to halt at a shrine for prayer. After the prayer, the General stood in front of his soldiers with a coin in hand and said, “With faith in destiny, I will now toss this coin, if it’s heads, we will win, and if its tails we will lose.”