Setting The Trajectory

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Let’s suppose we’re launching a satellite that is to be landed on the moon. We would have to have myriads of engineers to control combustion rates, temperature, velocity, safety specifications, flight coordinates, anti-gravitational dynamics and on and on and on. Let’s say we’re launching our satellite from Cape Carnival, Florida in the United States. Let’s suppose for a moment that our flight pattern engineers didn’t drink enough coffee that morning and the flight coordinates were off by a half of an inch on the launch pad. Guess how many miles we would miss the moon by; 19 miles. We would never hit the mark and our mission would have failed. The point of all this spaceship trajectory stuff is that as an individual, as a significant other in a relationship, as a spouse, as a son or daughter, as a grandparent or anything else we can think of, we have to have the right trajectory to hit the mark but before we set the coordinates for a true flight pattern that will hit the mark, we have to know where we’re going. What are your goals? What kind of character do you want to develop? What do you want to be known for? When people talk about you, and they will, do you want favorable things coming out of their mouths about you because you are true, good, authentic and kind? What are your life-directional and life-living trajectories? If you are a parent of a family, is your family’s trajectory set for honesty and dependability? Is it set for truth telling at all costs and living in genuine character and integrity? Is your individual trajectory aimed at having good conversations that lead to conflict resolution or is it set on keeping something stirred up and dramatized the time? Will you miss the target by 19 miles? I know that many of us are stuck in our own anxiety, depression, relationship problems, anger, dejection, sadness, despair, lack of self-confidence and frustration and much more to the point that it’s sometimes very difficult to think about our future trajectory because our current misery is weighting us down. I get it, I live life too in our difficult world. But we all must be able to develop a way to get out of our own heads to focus on what we want things to be like in our lives. I have an assignment for you. I suggest writing your current self a letter from who you want to become 12 months from now. Give yourself advice, encouragement, suggestions and real things to do that will work. Maybe you can play the Pretend Game which is pretending your life is free of the challenges and issues you’re currently facing and then asking yourself, “what does my life look like in this situation?” The answers to your letter and your Pretend Game can be your coordinates, your new trajectory. If we don’t do these kind of exercises to get us going, then we won’t be able to get there from here.